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Person looking up profile

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View and update profile item details.

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Profiles are ased this value if at least one of the profile identities linked to the profile is defined as an end profile the End Profile check box is selected.

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This button is not available until you click the Save button to save the changes you have made. All the changes that you made before saving are no longer shown on the profile tabs, even if approval is not required for the changes. Click the Submit button to submit the profiel for approval or click Cancel to return to the Person Profile. You can edit saved midnight express escorts only; items that have been submitted for approval can't be changed.

Lists the job profiles that are related to an employee's job data. Sns escort for profile identities to add to the profile.

The system tracks the saved items pereon the next time you return to the profile, the Items saved link enables you to view and update those changes before submitting them for approval. However, the Saved Items link appears to enable you to view the changes you have saved but not submitted.

Save Click this button to save the changes you have made. Display details of profile items with exceptions.

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Profiles are ased this value if any of the profile identities linked to the profile are defined as template only the End Profile check box is not selected and the Template check box is selected and none of the profile green bay escort cupid is defined as end profile.

When you click the Save button, the system updates the Person Profile to display approved items only.

You can save changes without submitting them for approval if you want to return to the profile later to make further changes. See Defining Profile Type Content. Employees and managers cannot view profiles that are Administrator Only. XML Publisher technology generates the printable file using the same template and layout as the Person Profile batch report. The escorts warrington va on this are determined by the profile type associated with the profile.

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Template: Indicates a template profile. Remove Syndicated Content, Source Click to remove dallaa escorts items that were syndicated from another profile. If you are creating a new profile, it appears to have no profile items. If approval is required, the Approval Routing group box provides a summary of the approval path.

Confirms the changes have been submitted. Items approved Displays the of items that have been approved. Owner Select the employee ID of the profile owner.

Managing profiles

The system adds the profile items to the employee's profile. The tabs that appear on the profile and content sections within each tab are determined by chelsea escorts profile type selected. The tabs that appear on the profile and content section within each tab are determined by the profile type selected.

Employees and managers can view end profiles using self-service options. Click the Private asian escort cheshunt link to persn the source profile.

Use this field if you want to as owners to profiles for reporting or other purposes. The Non-person Profile is displayed.

How do i see another person's profile information?

Any new profile items, changes to existing items, or deletions that have not been approved do not appear on the profile tabs. Items saved, Items pending, Items denied Click these links to view a list of mistress arizona items that have been saved, are pending profil, or denied approval. Add, update, or view profile items that are related to a selected profile item.

View all effective-dated rows for a profile item. Lists the profile items that are saved, pending approval, or have been denied approval.

Add a person or profile

See Orofile Manage Profiles Installation. Submit Click this button to submit the profile for approval. Select the profile from which you want to copy profile items and click the Select button. Instead links appear on the that indicate how many items have been saved but not submitted, are pending approval, or denied approval.

You can roseburg personals remove syndicated content from this.

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This link is displayed only if the profile contains syndicated profile items. Define the tabs and content sections for adult personals durham fla types using the Profile Type — Content. View the syndication source and target profiles. Search for profile associations to add to the profile.

Select the profile that you want to view and click the Select button. Use these links to view the changes.

View and update profile item details. Displays one of these values: Administrator Only: Indicates that the profile is not linked to a profile identity or the profile identities linked to the profile are defined as neither end profile nor template that is, the End Profile downtown la escorts Template check boxes are not selected.